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Diode or Alexandrite laser hair removal equipment: Which is the best?


Undoubtedly, if we talk about laser hair removal, we will face various technologies that require us to inform ourselves when we decide to receive these final hair removal treatments.

How do I know which laser hair removal equipment is most effective for my skin type?

Currently, there are two clear methods of hair removal, including diode, Alexandrite, and IPL hair removal or pulsed light. These techniques are often used by household hair removal machines, but they do not permanently remove hair. They only slow down growth and save time and energy, because if you remove hair once every two weeks before, you use pulsed light hair removal once every two months.

If we use the most commonly used techniques in laser beauty clinics, they are Alexandrite and diodes, so they are the most effective techniques for permanently removing unwanted hair from the roots.

If we delve into laser hair removal diodes, as the name suggests, they are composed of diodes or semiconductors that together form a beam of light that generates heat, penetrates the skin, and simultaneously destroys multiple hair follicles, which are the causes of hair growth in our bodies.

If we emphasize the advantages of diode laser hair removal, we would say that it is an efficient and high-precision method. Using wavelengths ranging from 800 to 810 nanometers, the system measures the electromagnetic emission spectrum of lasers, successfully achieving greater penetration into the skin at any part of the body. It uses a contact cooling system to protect it from the effects of laser heat, but requires more professional knowledge from laser professionals, making it ideal for dark and tanned skin.

However, the difficulty of diode laser hair removal is related to its being a more painful method, as it is a laser with high penetration through the skin. When using a contact cooling system, it requires more technology from the operator to continuously cool the skin, which is more likely to cause some irritation to more sensitive skin. In addition, it also requires more meetings and longer time, as it is suitable for larger areas of the body.

As mentioned above, diode lasers are more effective for sexier, darker hair, and are therefore not suitable for removing lighter white hair or hair, such as gold or red. It cannot also be used in facial areas such as the eyebrows, as it may affect people's vision.

Maintenance meetings are required every 6 to 12 months to eliminate new hair, especially in the case of laser hair removal for men.

Why choose Alexander over diode laser hair removal equipment?

At the Cela Clinic, since we started 16 years ago, we have been choosing Alexander laser technology, which has the effectiveness of a diode, but it is less painful, takes care of the skin, and is more decisive.

Alexandrite lasers have a shorter wavelength than 755 nm diodes and a pulse width of 3 milliseconds. They penetrate the skin with less power and protect the skin. They are ideal for cleaning and fine hair.

Alexandrita is the only medical technology created to ultimately remove hair from the roots. Unlike other technologies, Alexander laser is a highly complex technology that is effective, requires fewer meetings, and provides maximum skin care.

It uses a more advanced cooling system, called low-temperature spray, which can protect the skin because it reduces the temperature of the skin to avoid overheating and burns, achieve better results, and reduce discomfort to almost zero. This skin cooling system is automatic, and it adjusts the spray interval and its duration. Technically, what it does is selectively spray coolant onto the upper layer of the skin prior to laser emission to achieve continuous and safer cooling, as it does not depend on manual operation by the person managing the laser.

Alexandrita has taken another step forward in caring for your skin, providing a safe and optimal treatment for long-term reduction of unwanted hair. We can also say that it is 2 to 1 because it provides aesthetic treatment to eliminate skin diseases such as skin pigmentation damage, sun rash, and milk coffee stains.

Its efficiency is due to Alexander laser being better absorbed by the melanin in the hair, reaching deeper roots, ultimately eliminating more than 90% of the hair. In addition, it also acts on avatars and hair affected by folliculitis, an infection of the hair growth cavity.

It also optimizes skin microcirculation, promotes oxygen and nutrients in the inner layers of the skin, making it look younger and smoother.